Tanay Nandgaonkar


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Year: Class of 2017
Major(s): Bioengineering
Minor(s): None
Hometown: Sunnyvale, CA

E-mail: tnandgaonkar@asuc.org

Office Hours

Days: Friday
Time: 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Location: Qualcomm Cafe


1. Student Project Funding
UC Berkeley students are known worldwide for their innovation, and student projects are at the heart of that creativity. Ever wanted to develop your own motorized skateboard? Graffiti removal tool? Quadcopter? Although students’ mental resources are vast, financial resources are often more limited.
I will work to establish a semester-long grant program for student-run projects. After submitting a basic prototype and a proposal, student submissions will be posted online and voted on by the campus community. At the end of each semester, a showcase of funded projects will give students the ability to show off their incredible work.

2. Engineering Alumni Mentorship
Berkeley Engineering has over 57,000 alumni around the world, but current students have few ways to develop close connections with them. I will implement a formal Engineering Alumni-Student Mentorship Program to ensure that students of all years have the opportunity to gain knowledge from those who have experience in industry, graduate school or whatever goals students are interested in. Outside of providing contact information of alumni, the program will host on-campus social and professional networking events in order to make sure that students have an ample amount of opportunities to build lasting bonds with their mentors.

3. Residence Hall Safety
Each year, crime incidents from petty theft to trespassing to arson take place in the residence halls–a place where many students entering Cal form their first experiences with the university. To ensure that students feel safe in university-owned housing, I will push for several improvements. Security cameras in entrances to residence halls are necessary to deter criminals and provide valuable information on identification of suspects. Improving and publicizing the crime reporting system will allow incidents to be addressed as effectively and quickly as possible. Combined, these improvements will not only improve student safety, but also allow students to focus more on their passions rather than worrying about the next crime.

What’s your favorite thing about Cal?

No matter who you talk to on campus, everyone is passionate about some project, idea, or cause!

What inspires you to serve the student body at Cal?

Seeing students take the knowledge that they have gained here to go on and serve the world