Siddhant Puri


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Year: Class of 2015
Major(s): Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Minor(s): None
Hometown: New Delhi, India


Office Hours

Days: Contact for more information


1.Streaming Job-Hunt for Students

Job hunting is a daunting process and navigating Callisto shouldn’t be an added bother. As an international student, opportunities I’m eligible for are hard to come by. In an effort to easily identify these limited opportunities and simplify the job hunt process, I have been working on a student-friendly portal that addresses the information gap between students and jobs they’re eligible for, in order to streamline the job-hunt process.

2.Enabling the Service Community

Cal’s diversity and culture aligns itself with a lot of causes and communities that require volunteers’ support. Service on our campus needs more attention and man power and with that in mind, I plan to work on a cohesive system, more user-friendly than CalLink to access all these opportunities. I hope to create easier access to ASUC funding, simplify new member recruitment and enable regular town halls to build on this collaboration and enhance group innovation.

3. Extending Late Night Study Spaces

Every year more and more students complain about having a lack of study spaces late night and during dead week. I plan to pick up the work of previous senators and executives to continue to fight for more options for students who require more options of study spaces across campus.

What’s your favorite thing about Cal?

THE PEOPLE. From the innocent freshmen to the graduating seniors, every person has something to offer. Rarely do you meet someone who is not worth your time. It’s a place that inspires me and intimidates me everyday. But, I know that the friends that I’ve made in my time here will stick with me through thick and thin and that’s what makes Berkeley special.

What inspires you to serve the student body at Cal?

As an engineer and an international student I felt that most of the ASUC was underrepresented in both these demographics. Students always complained about student government not doing enough. I decided that the only way I had a reason to complain was if I put myself in the student government and address concerns of every students directly. This was the only way I saw to address the concerns I have heard firsthand from students in my time at Cal. As I go in to my last year I wanted to find solutions for all these problems and give back to the Cal community.