Paul Lee


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Year: Class of 2016
Major(s): Business Administration
Minor(s): None
Hometown: Cerritos, CA


Office Hours

Days: Wednesday
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Bank of America Forum, Haas School of Business


1. Unifying the Berkeley Dance Community:
Since my first semester at CAL, I’ve danced, taught workshops, and choreographed with Team Velociraptors, the Movement, and Main Stacks. As a passionate member of this community, I’ve also served on the Dance Board as its liaison to the many teams on campus. My vision is connect its members to achieve greater transparency and collaboration. It is my goal to confront spacing, public safety, and financial issues this community faces in the coming year.

2. Expanding Career Exploration Opportunities
As a member of the EAVP, I’ve truly seen the value of meaningful dialogue between a keynote speaker and the student in the form of public forums regarding various international issues. In this sense, I aim to provide campus-wide events that attract professionals in various fields and industries to stimulate a greater understanding of post-grad career searches.

What’s your favorite thing about Cal?

I will always appreciate the liveliness of our campus, and walking down Upper Sproul between classes is a true testament to that every day. It motivates me to approach each day motivated with a clear purpose. 

What inspires you to serve the student body at Cal?

I am truly motivated by the opportunity to serve students that I truly admire and respect in tangible ways. I look forward to developing a cohesive environment that accelerates a greater student experience for all students.