King Xiong


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Class: Class of 2015
Major(s): Political Economy 
Minor(s): Education
Hometown: Olivehurst, CA


Office Hours

Days: Thursday
Time: 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Location: Multicultural Community Center


1. Navigating through Lower Sproul Redevelopment

As a student organizer, I understand firsthand the importance of having the space to support the work of passionate student advocates here at Cal. With the Lower Sproul Redevelopment process nearing completion, I will ensure that student organizations of all aims and capacities are supported and accommodated with adequate resources during this critical transitional period. We as Cal students are agents of change and should be recognized for the hard work that we do. The allocation of physical spaces on campus will provide us with the visibility and legitimacy we deserve. Thus the relocation of student groups to Lower Sproul should be clear and transparent. I will work with the Lower Sproul Communications Coordinator to create resources that will walk through the transition process so student leaders know exactly what is expected of them and to ensure that student input is considered in this process.

2. Reshaping Educational Opportunities

The current census for Cal undergraduate students demonstrate that Asians and Pacific Islanders (APIs) combine to make up 39% of the student body. However, this misleading statistic masks the true diversity of the API community. As a first-generation, Hmong-American, college student, I understand the struggles and institutional barriers of pursuing a higher education as a member of an underrepresented API group. As ASUC Senator, I will address this issue by investing funds towards programs and outreach services that advocate for the diverse needs of these students in higher education. In doing so, I will collaborate with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions to transform the recruitment efforts of prospective students in order to shape educational opportunities for underrepresented communities.

3. Cross-Cultural Community Collaboration

Although Cal consists of a diverse student body with members from different communities, there is a lack of recognition for and execution of cross-community building on the Cal campus for students to engage in collaborative spaces to share unique dialogues. Building on my experience as an intern for the Cross Cultural Student Development Office, I will strive to create a collaborative space so that various communities can unite to amplify different student narratives and voices. At the ASUC level, I will work towards developing a Cross-Community Working Group with Senators to pool resources to create spaces that will increase cross-community dialogue and coalition-building.

What’s your favorite thing about Cal?

There truly is too many things I appreciate at Cal and not a single thing can be prioritized over another. I love the passion that many Cal students have in pursuing what they love, whether it is through their academic studies, community organizing, or social justice work. From the Campanile to the Lawrence Hall of Science, the unique and diverse buildings at this university demonstrate its distinguished character. The environment of Cal being by the ocean creates a lovely weather that I wouldn’t be able to get from my home in the Central Valley. Each and every moment, I find myself discovering something new and meaningful here at Cal, and that’s what I love.

What inspires you to serve the student body at Cal?

One of the main inspirations that motivate me to serve the student body at Cal is the progressive API community. As a first-generation, Hmong-American student, it was a struggle to find a community at Berkeley to feel supported by and find a sense of belonging. Through my community, I’ve been able to further discover myself and maintain a sense of self-empowerment that drives my passion. I’ve also had the honor to hear and learn from many inspiring stories of resilience from the amazing people around me. My community keeps me grounded to my identity and inspires me to serve the Cal student body.