Hannah Frankl


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Year: Class of 2017
Major(s): Undecided
Minor(s): None
Hometown: Calabasas, CA

E-mail: hfrankl@asuc.org

Office Hours

Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Location: Contact hbroder@asuc.org for more information


1. Unite Greek to Campus: Each year there are over 40 Pan-Hellenic and Fraternal philanthropy events that range in size and activity. In fact, each house has it’s own charity and philanthropy that it dedicates itself to on both a national and regional level. My goal as your ASUC senator is to create a bridge between Greeks and student groups with similar interests. I believe that the Greek community on campus has been targeted unfairly in the past semester and find it necessary to expand all of the positive things that the Greek community and clubs on campus have to offer each other. In order to mend this disjoint, my first bill will be a bill allocating funds exclusively for student clubs and Greeks that collaborate on fundraising events for their philanthropies. Furthermore, I will organize a database of Greek philanthropies to be distributed to all Student Groups. With this, we will both break barriers between Greeks and non-Greeks and shine positive light on the general Greek community. Additionally, I intend to work with the UCPD and other local law enforcement to alter the second response system and standardize a more efficient and fair method of dealing with these occurrences.

2. Jewish Unity and Diversity: I will work with the Jewish community to better voice their needs within the ASUC and specifically, I plan to create a club calendar and outreach program to better help students find their place within the Jewish community. By maintaining constant communication I hope to diversify and broaden the reach and impact of the Jewish community. I will spend extensive time researching present AND past clubs on campus, create tangible lists of current clubs with dates, times, and meeting locations, and create a list of past Jewish clubs for students who are interested in starting them up again. By standardizing and organizing these resources, I know that Jewish students seeking a place within the community will find that place and ultimately exercise their passions. I will be a liaison between the Jewish community and the ASUC and strive to represent and strengthen the Jewish voice.

-Research and categorize present AND PAST Jewish clubs on campus
-create a tangible list of current clubs with dates, times, and locations
-create a list of past Jewish clubs for students who are interested in starting them
-create a database

3. Silver Platform: I want to help freshmen better integrate into the Cal community by working with the Residence and Dining halls to create programs targeted toward freshmen. Specifically, I want to benchmark a program that UCLA has at the beginning of every school year in which they bus out all of the freshman to do a community service project. Not only is this the perfect opportunity to bond with your fellow freshmen, but it also gives you an extra curricular option from day one. I hope to help students maintain communication with these community service projects from the get go because we all know how hard it can be to seek out opportunities at Cal. Just because we are a public school does not mean that we can’t have opportunity handed to us on a silver platform. On this same note and through my own past experiences, I believe that providing freshmen with an ongoing opportunity for community service will promote mental health. I want to bring more puppies to campus and implement stress-relief programs and tools to help deal with the various pressures that every Cal student experiences throughout their time here.

What’s your favorite thing about Cal?

My peers. 

What inspires you to serve the student body at Cal?

The rich history (free speech movement etc) that defines the spirit of students here at Cal .