Eric Gabrielli


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Year: Class of 2016
Major(s): Statistics
Minor(s): None
Hometown: Moraga, CA


Office Hours

Days: Monday
Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Location: 114 Hearst Gym


1) Foster the growth of a fundamental part of UC Berkeley student life by working to prevent unfair punishments to student groups. I will work to achieve this by changing the rules of Student Conduct proceedings to emulate the bylaws of a legal court case. Currently, no evidence is necessary to prosecute student groups and severe sanctions are given with hearsay as the only reason. I will work with Greek Life Councils, Berkeley Student Cooperatives, and other student groups who are suffering as a result of unfair, unfounded punishments. University officials should have evidence and proof to give sanctions to a group. Officials from the university must be held accountable for actions they take against student groups.

2) Increase funding for intramural and recreational sports. I will encourage greater participation in the IM and recreational sports program by adding more sports that appeal to a larger group of our peers. UC Berkeley is a diverse campus home to students from around the world. No matter where a student is from, they deserve academic, social, and athletic and recreational outlets to make Berkeley feel like home. These new IMs will appeal to not only fans of traditional American sports, but also to the broad range of international students at UC Berkeley. Some IM sports I want to add include, Ping-Pong, rugby, and cricket.

3) Increase the amount of summer internship and post-grad employment opportunities offered to Cal Students. Working with the career center, I will implement an improved online resume database that will allow employers to easily search for and contact students according to their year, major, and any student groups they’re a part of. For example, if they’re in a fraternity or business club, an alum could search through Cal students to find those that are part of a specific group. It will also involve making the program widely known to a variety of employers, which will allow them to access a huge talent pool of intelligent students looking for job.