Dree Kavoussi


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Year: Class of 2015
Major(s): Psychology
Minor(s): None
Hometown: Manhasset, NY

E-mail: dkavoussi@asuc.org

Office Hours

Days: Monday
Time: 11:00 am – 12:30 pm
Location: Hearst 114


Harm Reduction:
Increase alcohol and drug education by creating programs that are presented to in coming students and large student organizations, like the Greek System and the Coops. I will also be working with other senators on a project that would create a student peer health center, which would create a safe and informative place to talk about sexual assault, drug and alcohol use and overall student wellness.

Work with the office of Emergency Management to create a food and water shed on campus in the event of an emergency. Also work with the Berkeley Police Department to increase our Emergency Plans, specifically thursday through Saturday nights.

Premed Development:
I have created a website to increase advising at Berkeley. It is called http://premedatberkeley.wix.com/home. I would like to link this with the MCB, IB and Public Health Departments to create a more better Premed Advising system at Cal.

What’s your favorite thing about Cal?

Regardless of the student organizations one is involved with, students at Cal from all different walks of life are brought together in our big classes. It creates an atmosphere of diversity and increases the sense of community around the greater campus.

What inspires you to serve the student body at Cal?

Cal has done so much for me. There are so many students who’s voices need to be heard who do not necessarily have the means to. I would like to use my position to represent as many people as possible at Cal.