Baltazar Dasalla


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Year: Class of 2016
Major(s): Media Studies
Minor(s): South & Southeast Asian Studies, Environmental Design 
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Office Hours

Days: Wednesday
Time: 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Location: 112 Hearst Gym

Platforms: Establishing Pil-Studies

Pilipin@s are the largest Asian American population in California and yet, UC Berkeley does not have a Pilipin@ Studies program. Every student should have the opportunity to learn about their identity, culture, and the histories that form them. Identifying as a Pilipino, and as the Pilipin@ Community Endorsed Senate Candidate, I will advocate for institutional representation of Pilipin@s in our university’s curriculum. As Senator, I will continue the work of current ASUC Senator Tan in establishing a minor in Pilipino Studies available to the entire campus.

Un-incorporated: Ensuring Lower Sproul Remains Student Owned

In 2015, the Lower Sproul Redevelopment fee for every student will increase from $35 to $150. And with students paying for more than half of this $223 million project, we deserve a space that will benefit us. As a part of several student groups that are housed in Hearst Gym, I have experienced how the temporary spaces tremendously limit student groups’ functions. As a Senator, I will work with the ASUC Executive Vice President to ensure the seamless transition of student groups into the new Eshlemann Hall. I will also hold the administrators accountable in creating commercial space within the new student union that will not only be occupied by vendors that practice equitable labor and embody the small business mentality that Berkeley is known for, but are also profitable for the ASUC and students.

Creative U: Enriching Creativity and Supporting Student Artists

With over 100 student groups on campus that promote student creativity and expression, I want to showcase the diversity and contributions of our student community. As an active supporter of the arts and entertainment, I envision spaces for students to grow and be inspired. As a Senator, I will reinvigorate the enriching experience of ASUC Perspectives, advocate for space dedicated for student artwork to be exhibited in the new Eshlemann Hall, and ensure the maximum utilization of the Arts and Creativity Grant provided by the ASUC Academic Affairs Vice President.

What’s your favorite thing about Cal?

My favorite thing about Cal is that things are always changing, both literally and figuratively. I love that my encounters on campus are never the same; like it meeting a person for the first time or taking a different route to class. Either way, Cal gives me a change of scenery with every single day.

What inspires you to serve the student body at Cal?

What inspires me is the potential that the students have if they knew all about all the resources that were available to them.